Enhancing the Dance

Technology has helped to advance the communication between teacher and parent. As a teacher we can also use partnership notes if the parents do not wish to use technology. Partnership notes allows feedback between the parents and the teacher as a team. It is an excellent time to send a partnership note at the beginning of the relationship.


When the Dance is Complicated

Two types of dances that are complicated. 1. When parents appear angry, 2. When parents are absent or seem not to be involved or not available. Its important for professionals to be mindful that anger and other strong emotions from parents is motivated by love for their child. Do not be derailed by that anger just know that more patience and conversation are going to be needed more. Anger can be scary and unnerving but deal with it calmly and it can lead to more deeper understanding and stronger partnership. Its important to stay calm when a parent is angry and try to find points of agreement. When parents seem to not be involved do not get mad because some parents are not aware that they should be involved. Its important to remember that not all families feel safe at school and not all families are the same. We must approach our work with patience and humility.

The Dance Manual

I really liked this chapter in the book. I like how it gives both parents and professionals the essential steps to keep moving in the process. I wish that more parents in general would tell us teachers about their dreams and expectations for their child as it would help us as educators to not only know what the parents want but also some of the values that they hold for their children. I see how this is really important especially in ARD meetings because a lot of time parents are uncomfortable as it is but if we would give them the time for this and encourage it then I believe the process would go smoother. I also like how it tells professionals not to reassure to quickly because it could put the parents off or make them believe you don’t truly care. I agree that we should be careful not to make parents feel as though their child is just labels instead that we see them as the parents do.

Hidden Lyrics

This chapter really speaks to me. I know these feeling and this feeling of how to I bring this up to a parent how do I say it in a way that doesn’t automatically put up defenses. I like that we get to see both perspectives as it gives great insight into how both feel. I try to think how would I want this said to me when dealing with these type of situations. It doesn’t always work. I have these fears with my own children so I think it helps a little but I would still have a rough time talking with a teacher about it, heck I have a rough time talking with a doctor about anything I tend to forget what I wanted to ask most of the time.

Dancing partners

Dancing partners is a great analogy for the process of special education. I feel a lot better that it says there will always be bumps in the road and that it takes time even though we almost always expect it to be smooth and instant. We should all be willing to listen not just tell what we are going to do I know when I went into my first ARD that I felt that it was fast and that what we really had to say was not heard more by the administration and that it was very based on what the school wanted to do. I wish we would take more of an approach like Tyrell’s school were it was all about him and not just what the school is willing to do.